We are more than a collective of disparate voices but rather a group who have learned, developed, and gradually converged our interests while maintaining individual practices. Collectively, we have hosted lectures, case studies and discussions on sustainability, ecology, decolonization, hospitality, accommodation, and cultural and eco-literacy.

Physically located across various countries, including Ireland, Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Lebannon, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Brazil and the United States, we have only ever met in a digital online space.

As a globally dispersed collective of artists and curators, CONJUNCTION explores concepts of publicness and digitality through commissioning, curating and enquiring socially-engaged public art, as well as the use of digital spaces.

Our goal is to continue our collective learning and join our curatorial and artistic practices in a physical space, COVID-19 restrictions permitting. We are aiming to construct a digital VR twin hub of a guesthouse where we can prototype our programme of hostings and events reaching a global audience beyond borders and timezones. 

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[and proposes]… A signal from CONJUNCTION member Samantha Hookway with a peek into the multi-level experimental online exhibition platform E.A.T Spatial and its debut exhibition MANIPULATIONS. E.A.T. Spatial is a digital format that CONJUNCTION will continue to experiment with and in the near future. CONJUNCTION, as a collective, is interested in digital twinning and meeting … Continue reading CONJUNCTION MEMBER DOCUMENTS


A signal from CONJUNCTION member Iliyana Nedkova: ‘To any of my fellow public art curators and artists based in Gothenburg – the notional home city of our public art curatorial collective, do visit The more tongues you silence, the more they talk at Röda Sten Konsthall – the first solo exhibition of Lala Rascic in … Continue reading CONJUNCTION MEMBER RECOMMENDS…

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